10 Must Have Kitchen Appliances and Why

The kitchen is another important part of the home. One of the key essential reasons for having a kitchen is for you to be able to prepare a meal that you eat every day. Kitchen Appliances can really be of help, it makes life easier, saves time, money, energy and in short makes cooking food lots fun.

Kitchen Appliances relieve you of the stress that you would ordinarily engage in making meals. What more ? You can shop these appliances from the comfort of your home by visiting www.alabamart.com. Whether you are seeking to renovate or to simply upgrade the look in your kitchen this guide comes to you handy for your purchase decisions. Let’s discuss it

1. Gas Cooker

The Gas Cooker is often considered one of the most essential home appliances because many individuals use theirs quite frequently.

Gas cookers are indispensable in every home. The types, designs and using pattern might vary but without this particular element cooking on fire is just not possible. With different varieties in the market today, ranging from single burners to 6burners.

Maxi 60X90 Gas Cooker (5B) Inox

      Maxi 60x60 Table Top Cooker 

Gas Cookers cook food faster than electric stoves and are without flame as found in traditional stoves.It heats up quickly and comes with better heat control.

Gas cookers are also cookware friendly, cost efficient and durable thereby making it a must have in the kitchen.

Checkout below for an affordable Gas Cooker you can buy today.

Maxi 60X90 (5B) Gas Cooker Inox Price 

Maxi 60x60 (3+1) Wood Gas Cooker aprice 

Maxi 50x50 (4B) Gas Cooker Price 

Skyrun 60x60 4 Burner Gas Cooker Price

Bruhm 60x60 (3+1) Wood Gas Cooker Price 

Royal 60x90 (4+2) Gas cooker Price

2. Refrigerator/ Freezers

Refrigerators and Freezers are one of the most important Large kitchen Appliances for keeping food safe. It makes it easier for you to buy and store fresh food product as well as eggs, meat, perishables, etc

Even though bacteria exist everywhere in nature, Fridge/Freezer slows their growth thereby making it ideal for preservation of food including perishable and non-perishable.

Hisense 516L Side By Side Refrigerator 67WS

Nexus 400L Chest Freezer NX-490C

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Skyrun 350L Chest Freezer BD-350C Price

3. Microwave Ovens

Microwave oven is a type of kitchen appliance that uses microwave radiation to heat food and thereby save your cooking time and make food taste good. As compared to traditional methods of cooking, Microwave ovens take little time to get that cold food warm or that light food cooked. 

Although it cannot be used to deep fry or make heavy meals like beans but can be used for cooking light food. These appliances also present less of a risk burn when used.

Nexus 20L Microwave NX-9201

Microwave ovens in general are very safe to use, efficient and highly convenient. They are even better than most cooking methods when it comes to preserving food nutrients and preventing the formation of harmful compounds.

Having one in your list of kitchen appliances is a must if you value convenience and time.

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Lg 25L Smart inverter Microwave MWO2535 Price 

Hisense 20L Microwave MWO20MOWH Price 

Nexus 20L Microwave NX-9201 Price

Royal 20L Microwave RMW20BHP Price 

Panasonic 20L Microwave SM255W Price

4. Blender

Blender is an essential kitchen tool that can be used for various purposes including grinding semi-solid ingredients such as fresh fruits, tomatoes, pepper, vegetables, etc into smooth purees. It can also be used for ice cream blend, Mix and crushed ice in Cocktail, etc.

Aside from being an essential kitchen tool, it also saves you time and promotes healthy eating. Buying a blender for your kitchen is therefore an important decision you should make.

Nexus 1.5L Blender NX-4050

With various Blender model in the market, you are sure to get one with a discount at alabamart

Check out our list below 

Binatone 1.5L Blender BLG55SS Price  

Nexus 1.5L Blender NX-4050 Price

Skyrun 1.5L Blender BL-615 Price  

Panasonic 1.5L Blender MX-1511 

5. Air Fryer

Another must have kitchen appliance would be an air fryer. Air fryers are becoming popular nowadays since it’s a kitchen appliance that is being used to make fried foods without the need of drenching the food in oil. It works by circulating hot air around the food to produce a crunchy and crispy exterior, which a few years back, can only be achieved by having to fry the food in a few liters of cooking oil. 

 Sonik 3.2L Air Fryer SAF532

Compared to deep-frying, air-frying requires just a tablespoon (or two) of oil to cook which means a lower content of fat or calories and is the main reason why air-fried cooking is a deemed healthier option. Although, of course, there will still be some distinction between the taste and texture of food cooked through an air fryer versus deep frying. Also, cooking through an air fryer requires more time to cook food.

Sonik 3.2L Air Fryer SAF532 Price 

Binatone 3.5L Air Fryer BAF-3501 Price

sanford 2.5L Air Fryer SAF2453AF Price

7. Toaster/ Sandwich Maker

Do you know that one of the most lovely and delicious foods given by parents to their children at home or school is toast bread. This lovely food can only be achieved with the help of a Toaster Maker – a small appliance designed to expose various types of sliced bread to Radiant heat browning the bread so it becomes toast.

With a Toaster or Sandwich maker you are rest assured of enjoying toast bread or sandwiches anytime you want and thereby making it a must-have kitchen appliance.

Scanfrost Toaster

Scanfrost Toaster 

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Royal Sandwich Maker RSM1008DBC Price

Sanford Bread Toaster SF9937BT

Sanford Sandwich Toaster SF5723ST Price


8. Dishwashing Machine

If you are a bachelor or a busy housewife with a large household, a dishwasher can save you the time and effort of having to wash your dishes manually. Dishwashers can be very fast and reliable and can even be more efficient and more hygienic when compared to manual wash. Besides, in today's Society with heavy daily tasks, office work, traffic jams, etc. In order to save time & effort, Dishwasher is therefore inevitably a necessity.

LG Dishwasher

It can be very convenient and saves you not only water and time but also the stress of getting to wash all the time. Getting one for yourself is therefore what needs to be taken into consideration.

If you don’t have it already, Checkout these affordable dishwashers below 

LG Dish washer Price

9. Electric kettle

An Electric Kettle can be an efficient way to heat water fast. It can be used to boil hot water for drinking or cooking. Having one in your list of kitchen appliances is a necessity. Modern-day electric kettle can heat up water within minutes than any conventional kettle used for making tea thereby saving you time. Surprisingly some sources suggest drinking boiled water has additional health benefits than ordinary or cold water. So consider having one in your Kitchen today

Nexus Electric Kettle NX-4013

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Royal 1.8L Electric Kettle RPEK-1803BW Price

Nexus 1.7L Kettle NX-4013


10 Electric Grill

Electric Grill can text just as good as food grilled on charcoal, giving that classic barbecue flavor. It is also the safest to use indoors because it does not generate fumes or smoke and is also environmentally friendly. If you know how grilled chicken or meat taste, that Suya, then getting one for your kitchen is a must. Electric Grill can simply be used to enjoy all kind of barbecue.

Sanford Electric Grill

check below to select from the available cheap Electric Grill to choose from

 Sanford Electronic Barbeque Grill SF5952BQ Price

If you are thinking of appliances to get for your kitchen, then these Top 10 kitchen Appliances listed above are a must-have. Getting these appliances will save you time and subsequently money in the long-run. These Appliances are modern, user-friendly, durable and convenient to use. 

In a nutshell, kitchen Appliances can fit with the aesthetic of your kitchen and can also make cooking and food preparation much easier

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