6 Ways to Protect your Freezer and make it Cool Longer

6 Ways to Protect your Freezer and make it Cool Longer

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Freezing food is an essential kitchen skill but as simple as it sounds, it’s not 100%  foolproof, So next time you just want to toss a dish in the freezer please remember this article to avoid mistakes.

With this, We welcome you to Alabamart Blog, in this article, we have covered 6 steps you can take to avoid coming back from work to meet the bowl of your weekend Egusi soup defrosted or spoilt. God forbid!

(This looks like a scene from a horror movie, May God not let us experience this 😁)


Getting quickly into it, below are tips to make sure your freezer stays cool throughout the day even in poor light conditions.


1. Temperature Control:

When you newly acquire a freezer, please endeavor to go through the manual to better understand how to operate the temperature control that comes with the freezer. You’ll also notice this panel or switch for reducing and increasing the temperature of the freezer by looking closely at all sides of the freezer. This is a common mistake first-time users make, they forget that freezers are universal appliances and some countries, unlike Nigeria, aren’t so hot and don’t require low temp. As a Nigerian resident, you should reduce the temp to the lowest for the best performance. You can check out Haeir Thermocool HTF-2191S Turbo Inverter Chest Freezer if you are looking for a turbo inverter freezer with side temperature control panel.


Hisense Temperature Controller  



2. Keeping the freezer nearly empty:

A properly stacked freezer is more likely to retain its cool due to other frozen foods retaining the cold, this will reduce the stress by the machine on freezing warm or newly added items. At the same time, the freezer shouldn’t be jam-packed. (If you want to know how to properly stack a freezer, we will be writing an article on it soonest. Stay tuned)

Filled up Freezer



3. Leaving the door open:

When our beloved power holders take light, this act might last for hours, days or months, In some areas, the worst thing an individual can do is leave the door open for minutes for one reason or the other. It’s in the best interest of the owner to always keep the door closed so the already frozen foods can retain their cool. If the freezer door is left open the freezer will need to work extra hard to keep the temperature down. As a machine, it doesn’t know that it’s fighting a losing battle, this will result in overheating because as the machine overworks itself to cool the place hot air keeps coming in.


Freezer left open


At Alabamart, We have LG Freezers that can maintain their temperature upto 5 days after power outage, Find link to the Lg freezers below:

Buy the LG GR-K25DSLBC 250L Chest Freezer

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4. Condenser Coils:

Most times when the freezer’s capacity is low, the condenser coils are due For cleaning, you can do this yourself or hire a local electrician for the service, this activity should be done several times a year, Clean coils also help your unit operate more efficiently, so you'll save a bit on electricity


Condenser Coils being maintained




5. Maintain the gaskets:

occasionally inspect the gasket surrounding your freezer door to make sure there’s a tight seal preventing air from leaking out. Leaking air from the freezer overworks the compressor, which shortens the life of any freezer. If the gaskets are in good shape, a thorough cleaning with soapy water will help remove dirt and grime that prevents a good seal. 


Gaskets being cleaned




6. Make sure there’s space in between items:

Even if the space for your freezer is tight, you’ll still need to make sure that there is enough room on all sides for air to properly circulate. If it can’t, your freezer will be overworked. Most freezers need at least one inch of extra space on all sides for good air circulation.

The best way to do this is to properly structure your items within your freezer

Keeping your freezer in good condition is beneficial for both your pocketbook and your sanity. When you’re shuttling kids to day camp and soccer practice, a freezer meltdown is the last thing that you need. 

When getting a deep family size freezer it advisable to get one that can contain a lot of items like the Scanfrost SFL600PRE 600Liters Double Door Chest Freezer, spacious and powerful. 


Well stacked freezer



So there you have it! 6 Ways to Protect your Freezer & make it Cool Longer, carefully listed by our in-house experts. The good news is that you can find a wide range of  authentic Freezer products to Choose from at www.alabamart.com and all our products come with at least a 1 Year Warranty. We will share below, links to our best selling Freezer Categories:

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