Common Issues With Washing Machines and How to Troubleshoot it.

Common Issues With Washing Machines and How to Troubleshoot it.

 The washing machine!!  Thanks to Almighty God for the Washing machine. Thanks to this creation, our modern women don’t have to break their nails by aggressively rubbing jean garments against each other to show our Mothers-in-Law that we’re wife materials for their son.


80% of most 1st world countries own washing machines, and Nigerians, the giant of Africa have adopted this home appliance in their day-to-day lives, which brings us to today's topic Common Issues With Washing Machines, Let’s start with the most common:


  1. The washing machine is leaking:


Puddles or drips of water around your washing machine can not only be irritating but also dangerous, In health and safety there's something they call Slips, Trips and Falls, this is one the major causes of death or injury in constructions sites or factories.


Let’s start with the cause and easiest way to fix it. The hose connecting the washer to the source of water might be loose. This might be due to constant vibrations from the washer. 

At this point, all you need to do is tighten the connection, simple as that.

If it isn’t that then it’s probably a sign of the seals wearing out due to time and constant water pressure passing through, if this is the case then it needs to be replaced



     2. Washer Door Jammed:



The door of the washing machine is usually the first thing and one of the most common malfunctions of the washing machine. Some machines won’t function while the doors are not locked and in some, the washing cycle needs to finish before it opens.


Although when it comes to front loader washing machines, they sometimes develop a fault that will keep it on lock, this can be caused by clothes hanging in the way of the locking mechanism, the software in the machine way be glitching and force the machine door to remain locked. 


If the above situations happen the best you go do is to

  • Restart the machine in case of a digital malfunction.
  • Run a short wash cycle, sometimes your clothes may hook the lock and cause a jam, and running a short cycle might move it away from the locking mechanism.

If these don’t work it will be best to contact the manufacturer and or authorized distributor you bought it from, In this case, (We are an Authorized Distributor of Top Quality Washing machines from Big Brands and deliver to your doorstep across major cities in Nigeria)


3. Washer Not Draining:


This is a very common issue but as common as it is it doesn’t just happen out of nowhere they’re several reasons that could cause this which are;


  • An obstruction in the pump or hose of the machine 
  • The washer can be faulty and won’t be able to process the spin/drain function properly usually an error code will pop up by then you should contact the manufacturer/Authorised Distributor
  • Faulty pumps in cases like this usually make a displeasing sound and then start leaking  

If any of the above problems happen here are some things that might work;

  •  Standard reset, with this you just switch off the washer, wait for a couple of minutes then put on the machine.
  • Master reset, this will get the machine back to working on factory settings 
  • Unclogging the drain hose, Firstly the washer should be switched off. Unclogging should be a regular process if you occasionally move or make important displacements. While you're working make sure the drain hose is straight and not otherwise if not this can restrict the washer from draining. 


To unclog, detach the drainage hose from behind the washing machine. You may need a screwdriver because the hose usually has screws attaching it to the back of the washing machine. In addition, you’ll need to use your hand to pull the washer from its place so you can locate the hose entrance. Furthermore, let some water run through the hose to de-clog it. In most cases, a hose with an outdoor connection is best. This suggestion is because you can easily stick in regular long sticks or plumbing snakes to pull/push-out clogs or items.


Sometimes, removing the drain hose isn’t feasible. In such cases, simply activate the hottest cycle on your washing machine without clothes. This action usually helps soften any solid clog and eventually pushes it out.


Ensure to fix the washer’s drainage hose back to the machine once water is freely running through it. Also, you need to ascertain if your machine drains well.


5. Washing machine Making Loud Noise


They are several reasons why a washer would be shouting(Making noise) 


Firstly we have different types of noises a washer can make: it could be gurgling, clicking humming or buzzing. Most times these noises are caused by objects being stuck somewhere they shouldn’t or it could be an indicator that something needs changing, for example, something might be in the pocket of the clothes causing the clicking sound or an object clogging your pump. If the pump is damaged you might need to replace it if not removing the object will solve it.


6. My Washer Smells Funny:

Washer odors are common, but with simple preventive maintenance, you can keep your washer and laundry smelling clean.



  • Make sure you're using the proper amount of detergent. Excessive suds leave dirty residue on washer parts and trap odours.
  • Cleaning your washing machine monthly helps prevent smelly residue.
  • Check around your washer for mould or mildew growth. There may be an issue with moisture, which must be corrected immediately. Mould and mildew not only smell unpleasant, but it's also dangerous to your health.

In conclusion, having a washer is very important but one must be careful about the washer you buy and who you buy it from, always buy from stores that get their product directly from the manufacturer or licensed importer which will come with a warranty. Below is link to our Popular washer categories and best sellers: 


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