Five Must Have Appliances in The Living Room

Five Must Have Appliances in The Living Room

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Whether you are a single man or woman, a family man and you have a home or your trying to get yourself a new home, your living Room has to stand out. Your living room, true to its name is where a lot of your at-home life happens. It is where you entertain your friends and visitors, it is where you relax, it also where you and your family get to create moments. At this time, I welcome you to Alabamart Blog.

So this question popped up, and we decided to write about it. What are the Five (5) Most Have Appliances in the Living Room? We came up with a list to carefully select the five most important appliances in the living room. Let’s dive into it shall we,

1. Smart TV

 Smart TV

We can all agree that television tops the list. In fact your living room isn’t complete without the presence of a television. It is definitely a must have.

Television no doubt is an essential appliance for the living room. It allows the whole family to share laughs and tears over movies, sports, news and music, so you can become closer to one another. But with the advancement of technology, you don’t have to be restricted to cable TV! If you and your kids have different preferences, you will find more options if you have a Smart TV. Smart Tvs today are the trends in TVs and at you have a lot of varieties to choose from.

A Smart TV can be connected to the internet so you can download applications for your viewing needs. From YouTube, Netflix, and HBO Go—you can access the latest episodes and videos that you won’t find on cable. With sizes ranging from 32” to 120” you can find them all on


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2. Air conditioner




Another key appliance that has to be in the living room is an air conditioner. With the weather condition in Nigeria, an air conditioner is a must-have. It reduces the risk of heat stroke, which can be dangerous for your family’s health! Aside from that, wouldn’t it be nice to feel cool during your weekend nights of movie bonding? Or having a mini party with your friends?

Wall mounted air conditioners also known as split air conditioners are the most common type of air conditioners in the living room with capacity ranging from 1hp, 1.5hp 2hp and 3hp respectively. If you have a larger Living room, you could consider having a floor standing Air conditioner.

Top quality brands like Samsung, LG,Panasonic, Hisense Midea, Royal are all available at


3. Home Theater / Sound bar


HIFI System Soundbar


Another appliance that made the list to be in the living room is the home theater or sound bar. Home theater system in the living rooms provide the convenience of watching marvelous movies sports, music in the comfort of your homes. Home theaters and sound bars are a popular and sleek choice for living rooms. Depending on your choice, sound bars are more modern and are easy to set up. They contain internal speakers, usually the front channel speakers, and you can easily add external speakers and components.

When it comes to home theater or sound bar in the living room, there are a lot of great products in the market that are sleek and stylish. Check out our little list below


4. Electric Fan



If you want to circulate the cool air all around the living room, you need to have an electric fan!. From ceiling fans, stand fans, wall fans, and rechargeable fans—when it comes to these, alabamart offers a multitude of items for every need.

Most ceiling fans are between 42 and 48 inches in size, and they work well for spaces from 75 to 175 square feet

Rechargeable fans come in different forms, however the most popular tyes you will find are the stand fans and we have a list of cheap and trendy fans in the market


Tv Consoles / Games




For game lovers, having a game console in the living room is no brainer. Many game lovers love to have a console in the home and its best situated in the living room to be accessed by all. Game consoles are also a form of relaxation and helps to create memories with friends.


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