Smart TV vs Android TV - Exploring the Differences and Choosing the Perfect Entertainment Companion

Smart TV vs Android TV - Exploring the Differences and Choosing the Perfect Entertainment Companion

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In today's technologically advanced era, television sets have evolved into more than just a screen to watch news, sports or selected shows from channels. With the introduction of Smart and Android TVs, the way we consume entertainment has transformed astronomically. These futuristic devices offer a range of similar but slightly different features and functionalities that go beyond traditional television viewing. 

In this blog post, we will explore the differences between the Smart TVs and Android TVs, helping you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect TV for your personal entertainment needs. Additionally, For our new readers allow me to introduce AlabaMart, a leading e-commerce store that offers a wide selection of TVs, including popular brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and Hisense, in various sizes such as 65 inch, 75 inch, 55 inch, 43 inch, and 42 inch with amazing delivery time (Within 6hrs in Major Cities)

What is a smart or Android Tv?

Smart TV: A Gateway to Interactive Entertainment

Smart TVs, as the name suggests, are televisions equipped with  internet connectivity and advanced operating systems. These new-Gen types of devices, like Samsung TV and LG TV, allow you to access a wide Selection of content online, stream popular services like Netflix and Hulu, and browse the internet without the need for an external device like your laptop or PS5. With integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, Smart TVs provide an immersive entertainment experience by offering on-demand content, apps, and even social media . Whether you're catching up on your favorite TV series or exploring new genres, a smart TV, such as the LG OLED 65, offers a convenient and user-friendly interface to access a plethora of entertainment options.

Android TV: The Power of Google in Your Living Room

Android TVs, on the other hand, are a specific category of smart TVs that run on Android's operating system, developed by tech giant Google. These televisions, such as the Sony 65 inch Led Android or some LG Android TVs, combine the functionality of a smart TV with the power of Google's ecosystem. Android TVs offer a seamless integration with various Google services, including Google Play Store and Google Assistant. The Google Play Store grants access to a vast library of apps, games, and multimedia content, expanding your entertainment possibilities. Moreover, with built-in Google Assistant, you can control your TV using voice commands, search for content, and even control other smart devices in your home. 

Different Types of OS

While Android takes center stage, let's unveil a cast of extraordinary contenders that offer a fresh perspective:

  • First, we have Tizen, a smart TV OS born from the collaboration between Samsung and Intel. Picture this: Tizen races ahead, leaving its rivals in the dust with its lightning-fast performance. Thanks to the fact that it is armed with a mighty 64-bit processor, it unveils a mesmerizing display of picture quality that will make your jaw drop. But that's not all—Tizen's open-source nature tempts programmers to push boundaries and unlock its full potential, transforming wearables, smartwatches, and even in-car infotainment systems into digital marvels.
  • Next up, we encounter VIDAA—the charismatic partner of Hisense TVs. VIDAA has become a global sensation, captivating viewers across 180 countries and territories.This dynamic OS streams an astonishing one billion hours of content each month. And as if that wasn't enough, VIDAA rolls out a red carpet of features, including AirPlay 2 support, Google Voice and Alexa integration, VIDAA TV, and an irresistible mobile companion that keeps entertainment at your fingertips.

  • LG steps onto the stage with a showstopper of an operating system—LG WebOS. This in-house creation from LG promises a dazzling performance. It's not just about delivering captivating content; LG WebOS flaunts its prowess by flawlessly juggling multiple tasks and ensuring smooth streaming like a maestro. With its customizable features and a built-in player, it's like having a backstage pass to an entertainment extravaganza.

  • And finally, we have the enigmatic tvOS—a mesmerizing symphony of Apple's innovation. Picture yourself stepping into a world where the iOS magic dances seamlessly on your television screen. With tvOS, Apple TV becomes a portal to a universe of optimized apps designed to immerse you in a breathtaking visual experience. It's Apple's way of adding a touch of enchantment to your digital adventures.

Choosing the Right TV for You

When it comes to selecting the perfect TV for your home, considering your specific needs and preferences is essential. Here are a few key Differences to keep in mind

Android TV

Smart TV

While Android TV offers numerous options, it falls short of being as Diversified as a smart TV due to its limited operability.

Smart TV offers advanced features that are outside Google and internet connectivity, greatly enhancing the overall usability and accessibility.

Android TV provides an added advantage for users who are familiar with and reliant on the Android operating system, enabling seamless interaction.

Although this is google reliant, they are other options for apple users or people that are neutral e.g Tizen and LGwebOS 


Android tv do have capability but the restriction that it can download the software and components only from google store, so those apps need to be updated like normal android phones

Smart tv can access and connect itself to normal internet which in turn provides connectivity to their browers for activities and apps similar but not related to google. 

Android TVs have a vast array or list of app libraries available with a continuous and tough firmware but requires continuous app updates which kills the patience of the end user.

Smart TVs also have an array of app libraries but unlike most if not all google apps some of these app lack updates and might not function properly after lots of years  

For manufacturers of Android apps, there is a smaller and certified pool of companies involved in making apps, leading to limited availability of Google-related applications and software.

On the other hand, Smart TV manufacturers are rapidly gaining market dominance by continually expanding their offerings with different companies like  in the types of OS mentioned above, for better design, features and simultaneous enhancements in accessibility.

In summary, Android TVs are typically more affordable and offer a vast number of google related apps. They receive seamless and easy updates for extended periods. They are connected to Google services like Google Play, Music, and include Google Assistant. However, there are fewer manufacturers, and the interface might be challenging for newcomers to adapt to. On the other hand Smart TVs are easy to set up and are manufactured by various companies. They typically require only one remote control for convenience. However, there may be limitations on available apps and firmware updates. Additionally, they use an operating system that is more prone to becoming obsolete and receiving fewer updates.

In the battle of Smart TVs vs. Android TVs, both offer incredible features that enhance your entertainment experience. Smart TVs provide easy access to online content, while Android TVs bring the power of Google's ecosystem into your living room. When choosing the right TV for your needs, consider factors such as content availability, user interface, and integration with other devices.

Where to purchase From

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